You Are a Dirty Awful Big Headed Women


She is a tipsy princess. A little four twenty Jane. A sensation of class and stars. Her life is still young but her soul is old. She was beautifully out of place, like the moon at day time. She is madness and a little insecure. She sees in black and white but she always works with grey.

She was life itself, in a wonderfully chaotic, perfectly messed up space. She was a strong martini in a world that is drunk on cheap wine and shallow love. And she was the wildest one, who wore her scars like the prettiest attire.

She doesn’t have a religion. Her faith is in the stars, planets, flowers, mountains, and herself. She knows that her crown is not on her head but inside her soul. She loves rainstorms and moonlight. A sucker for space and science.

She always had this curious touch about her, of the eyes that see things too far and away, and she was full of thoughts, which wander off to the edge of this world.  Her mind swims in depths that most would drown in. She is the type of high only a deep soul can get stoned to.

girl looking at window

She saw life in empty hearts, she saw love in evil souls. She is a four-page love letter in a world full of social story love affairs. And while they all fell in love with her eyes, she waits for the one that will fall for her scars.

She traveled through madness to find her. She loved the moon because like herself, it shines the brightest when nobody is watching. And it was the only light that could keep her going through the darkest nights.

She has a galaxy in her eyes and a universe in her soul. And she always thought she had stardust in her lungs and moon rings in her eyes. She believed she was a “child of cosmos, a soul of the skies”.


She is beautiful but you will never see the side to it until you understand that “she is the complete result of the beautiful pieces, which she refused to let life take away from her” and the more she fell in love with herself, the simpler life became for her.

And when anyone asked, “aren’t you feeling lonely by living in your own world?”

She says, “Darling, don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?”

So I’m saying “she is either recklessly naive or alarmingly ingenious”

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