The Story About our Origins: Apes to Humans


Long ago, the big bang, the dark ages, the development of galaxies, planets, and finally the fish started to crawl out of the water and now we are here. Well, at least the tails did fall off. That would have been awkward.


Free souls in a free cosmic. A free race with an enormous power inside us. Everyone from the same root. Earth is where we sprung up to life and that is where the connection began.

We did not listen to any other calling than the voice within! We did not have a fear of living! We were born to lead ourselves! We killed wild boars, we fought destiny, and we built a human race where the sole purpose was to survive, live in harmony. We weren’t scared of dying we were warriors out in the wild. We created wonders and co existed with the nature.

Then we were framed. By books, by power seekers telling us that we can go to heaven if we ONLY kill and eat certain animals listed in the books. We got trapped in fear of these newly imagined Gods, currency, power, and a rat race to achieve eternity.

Human’s evolved faster than expected and among the race created to achieve power and fame, we got lost. The purpose we were looking for, is not here. Definitely not here in the concrete jungles. This isn’t what we needed. This isn’t our calling.


The story about our origins, our genetics and our wisdom from the original source was buried by the new books emerged. Mislead, betrayed, demoralized and dragged to a never-ending, exhausting routine that leaves no time for relaxation nor joy.

We are at a speed of nearly destroying our own habitat, our home and everything we have and had. We have lived in awe, in fear, and in misinformed darkness. You can choose for yourself. Choose to stop living in fear. Because if you seek within, you are still powerful and connected to your source, the origin, the DNA of our immense humanity the NATURE!
When human realize that, coming out of the jungle to be inside concrete #masterpieces is not the answer,
They will eventually return back to the wild!
To try again!


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