Earth Is Too Populated – We Have to Take Care of Each Other


How eager are we to correct someone? To show them we are greater now. Because I seem to know more than you.

How eager are we to criticize someone? When things they talk do not match the level of your likeness. But we never were eager enough to complement their good acts.

How eager are we to take things personally? And start attacking back before we realize that what they meant wasn’t even for us? But we rarely apologize and makeup. We just stop talking and now it’s someone whom you hate for no reason.

How eager are we to catch the beneficial side and ignore the truthful side? Because truth won’t bring you wealth. And the majority is always on the luxurious side so I must be on that level of show off.

arguing women

What happened guys? Why are we like this?

Who told you that you should always be on the top? Who made you fight with someone because they don’t agree with the things you believe? And who encouraged you to take everything that is happening around you personally and attack everyone around you?

My dear beautiful souls.

We aren’t getting out of here alive. None of us will. Not even our parents whom we adore nor our children we cherish. This is a battle between life and death and what’s for sure is death and we all know it.

Death comes to all of us at the end and no it is not some kind of a religion that we can choose and avoid. It is there. We see it every day. People dying. Accidents. Some die of old age. That’s the limit. They maxed out. So are we. And once we are dead, who was your mother? Who was your child that you brought up with so much love and care? None of them can come with you. You are alone. You get a new identity. Then you won’t even remember the life you lived anymore. And the world that you left behind? Will remember you for a good two years maximum. Except loved and close people.

man woman fight


So tell me? Why are we this greedy? Do you know a way to take everything with you? Then why do we try to pull the leg of someone who’s trying to do something different in life? Why can’t we just let them experiment with their lives and move on with ours?  Do we really have to point at their weirdness? Do we really have to laugh at them? I mean for fun yes but do we have to hurt their feelings by making it obvious? Do we have to take it that far? Or we just see look laugh smile cry by ourselves and then move on with our lives? Ignore the bulls**t take the good sh*t and move on? Is it that hard?

We come to this world alone, we leave this world alone, but we are too selfish to understand the fact that everybody needs to survive.

That’s how this works. We are too populated to make our own decisions anymore. The tourists need to survive for then only the hotel owners will survive. The hotel owners need to survive for the country’s economy to be stable.

We all are connected. So if anybody needs to survive? Then everybody has to survive. If not we all die and there won’t be anybody left to bury the bodies even.

We are the people who blame the mother for doing a 9 to 4 job while the child is still on breastfeeding age. We are the people who call the cops on the neighbors when they are too loud without trying to call them first and asking to lower the volume. Also, we are the people who want our child to defeat the other kids at school so we can be proud parents. We are the people who can boycott governments if we work together but we have a favorite color to defend. And we are the people who like to just blame anyone for things not going right but we refuse to see within ourselves why we can’t do it.

So do you see now why we all need to survive in order for us to survive?

If you want to survive, let your neighbor survive. Because your neighbor might be your coworker. You and your coworker have to survive for the company to survive. Your company needs to survive for you to get your salary. You need your salary for you to pay your rent and bills. Your rent and bills need to be paid for your landlord to survive. The electric and other companies to survive. The companies need to survive for the economy of the country. Like I said we all are connected and we are too populated to make our own decisions anymore.

people helping each other

There is no going back now. So instead of making powerful people get rid of small people, let’s stop being selfish and ignorant. Let’s understand the current worldly situation and try our best to stop our own destruction.

There is only one thing that we need to do for that to happen. Always remember that “We all are connected. So if anybody needs to survive? Then everybody has to survive. If not we all die and there won’t be anybody left to bury the bodies even”

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