One day Im Gonna Tell Myself I made It


One day I’m gonna tell myself I made it. That I am where I wanna be in life. Finally, on contrary to what was written on my fate. It was not in fate that I placed my bet. It was in me that I saw the light and I could never look back.

One day I’m gonna sit myself in a place where my heart wants to dance and my mind wants to celebrate. It’s okay for all the long nights and dead ends. That’s how it is for all of us. If you don’t know where to look, then it’s time you stop looking OUT. and start looking IN.

life winning

One day I’m gonna be grateful for all the sleepless nights and broken promises. It’s the day that I will take a deep breath and say thank you to all the souls that didn’t leave my side. To the extended families, I made through life, and also to the families that took the exit sign when the times were hopeless.

One day it’s all gonna make sense. And finally, I will know why. You see, it’s this life we are to conquer, not one another. And believing so was the biggest step I took towards being free. A leap of faith is all it took. But the depth of your faith has to be stronger than any illusion.

And one final day, I’m gonna tell you all, why love is my religion and that faith is myself looking at the mirror. Because I am the only person that I cannot deceive nor let down. It is me who is gonna drag myself to this one fine day. And it’s gonna be the happiest day of my life.

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