Does Masturbation Have Positive or Negative Effects on the Brain?


What do you think about masturbation? Is it good or bad? If you have any doubts about masturbation, just go through this article.

Let’s check out the positive and negative effects of masturbation on the brain.

masturbation effects on brain

Releases hormones

Masturbation releases certain hormones and chemicals that are good for your brain. Let’s check out some of them.


Oxytocin is well is called the love hormone. It has several behavioral and psychological effects on you. Oxytocin promotes social, sexual, and maternal behaviors related to happiness. It also influences positive social interactions, growth, healing, and well-being. 


Endorphins let you feel good. It is a chemical that reduces pain. Endorphins are related to exercises and pleasurable rush.


Testosterone is released during sex. It improves stamina and arousal. When you have sexual fantasies, testosterone is released.


Prolactin is essential in lactation. It influences your immunity system and mood.

Affects your mood

Hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins are known as ‘happiness hormones”. They directly involve relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding. When your mood is not good, masturbating will help to fix it. 

Improve focus and concentration

Many people say that masturbating helps them to focus better. According to them, concentration also improved. Some people used to masturbate before studying, a test, or working. But there is no scientific evidence to prove the point. 

Helps to get rid of stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common among people. It leads to several other diseases too. Oxytocin which is also called the love hormone helps to improve social bonding. It helps to relax your mind. Several studies have shown the effectiveness of oxytocin in regulating stress and reducing anxiety. 

Oxytocin reduces blood pressure and lowers cortisol levels. If you want to get rid of stress on a busy day, masturbating might be a good option. 

Help you fall asleep

Some people have used to masturbating before sleep. They say that it helps to fall asleep fast. Endorphins and oxytocin relate to relaxation. They promote good sleep. You can try masturbating during sleepless nights to get a comfortable sleep. 

Improve your sex life

Masturbating is a great way to improve your sex life. It helps people to identify what’s a pleasure and exciting for them. So they can tell it to the partner and enjoy. 

What are the cons of masturbating?

Masturbating also has some negative sides. Some people consider it a sin. They consider, masturbating is immoral for women. 

Some people say that masturbating causes blindness and hair growth on the hands. These are completely false statements. 

You may experience feelings of shame, self-loathing, anxiety, or guilt after masturbating. If things go worse, it is better to refrain from masturbating. 

Underlying health conditions 

Underlying health conditions also refrain you from masturbating. When you have vaginal dryness, low libido, post-orgasmic illness syndrome, or dyspareunia, masturbating will be frustrating. 

Don’t try to masturbate when you have underlying health conditions. You can seek help from a therapist in this case. 

To Sum Up

Masturbating is one of the safest sexual activities. It is not essential to do masturbate. If you want you can do it. Masturbating is not bad for your overall health.

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