If Human Evolved from Monkeys, Why are There Still Monkeys Today? Why Don’t They Evolve?


If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys today? Why don’t they evolve?

The dumb friend: “Holy shoot” that’s crazy man imma share this on my timeline.

The funny friend: “well, some of them might have refused to walk on two feet because it damages their 25 million year’s old culture.” I’m not even surprised.

The drunk one: “Need one more glass here, my friend needs to chill”

The religious one: “Burrrrn! Perfectly explain why the evolution theory is bulls**t and my God is the one who did everything”

The smart-ass: “They are evolving, we human too evolving still. Might evolve to some other type soon”

Me? Well, I, at least need a few hours of Aztec mediation, a shot of apple cider vinegar, maybe a steam bath with lavender oil therapy to loosen the cultural aspects and a quick dip in the saltwater to soften the “BURRRRN” – and finally visit Charles Darwin’s grave to question about his theory of evolution.

This might take a few pages but I promise you’ll have your answer! (This is how I think of it alright)

First of all: NOT to the dumb, funny, drunk religious, or smart-ass! But to the person who asked the question. “Human did not directly evolve from monkeys or apes”

The evolution chart we saw and believed growing up is rather an example of how we stood up from walking on 4 feet. Otherwise, it’s a misguidance to the whole theory of evolution.

human evolution

This was my first reaction to the evolution theory, my own answer before visiting Charles Darwin of-course.

“They might have wanted to explore more land, hence they started walking on the ground rather than swinging from tree to tree and there might have been times that the new land they found had trees far away from each other so they had to travel through land and get adopted to the newfound way of traveling

New lands mean new predators, new food, and a new climate. The monkey who came down from the tree to walk on land reproduced and they continued to live on land because the newborn knew how to walk. And those others who decided to stay in the same hood without traveling to explore reproduced the same spices who kept on swinging on trees”

Simple isn’t it? Wait so after I consulted Darwin and some other modern-day scientists because once Einstein said ” the only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library” I had a more elaborated version to the question which made sense.

You see, our closest living cousins, the chimpanzees, assumed to have been living around for less than 1 million years which is obviously longer than humans have been according to current records. Humans are assumed to be around about 300 thousand years approx.

But, we the humans and chimpz have been on separate evolutionary paths for over an estimated 7 million years. Hence the modern-day chimpz or monkeys are different from the modern-day human.

That is because “the modern-day chimpz and the modern human has a common-EXTINCT ancestor!

According to Darwinian natural selection, new species emerge when a small group of existing species is separated or isolated from the main group, they adopt different genetics from the biological family.

Imagine a group of monkeys as I said above, leaving to explore the world and the others remaining in the same hood. Those who left will adapt according to the lands they are traveling. The lesser the trees they start walking on 4 feet on the ground. While the monkeys who stayed in the hood still hanging on trees, those who left to observe now know how to walk and stand on two feet. And the offspring of these traveling monkeys aren’t the same species as the monkeys in the hood anymore. Because they know how to swing and walk and may have developed new genetics and body parts that are favorable for their new life. BUT, both species came from the same ancestor, the same grand monkey Ma!

According to current day research and sources, the first separation like this happened 40 million years ago. The scientists and the researchers call the separation as, the “NEW WORLD MONKEYS and OLD WORLD MONKEYS”

evolution diagram

However, according to sources, the new world monkeys had gone extinct somewhere during survival and the old world monkeys had again separated, estimated 25 million years ago to form modern world monkeys, and us apes or humans. So it’s us who had continued to evolve and refused to stay in the same habitat.

As I see it it’s more like the idiot cousin and the genius cousin in the family. The one that becomes a doctor, the one that your mom keeps bringing up on the dinner table every night to remind how dumb children she has. But you and the doctor’s cousin have the same grandma.

Right, back to the question. Why don’t the current monkeys evolve?

The reason is the same as why the tree swinging monkeys never left the hood. “We did not evolve from the modern-day living monkeys or chimpz although we share the same ancestor”

Modern-day monkeys are our cousins but who cannot become a doctor. They have other talents and they refuse to leave their original habitat. Which can be explained in many different factors as such,

  • For one, both the species living today the modern monkeys and the human started evolving in different paths before 25 million years. In fact, they have been evolving for millions of years to come to this stage. So if either one of these species needs to evolve again it may take millions of years to transform into a new species.
  • And also, even though we did not evolve into a complete different species, our bodies have been adopting several changes as confirmed by modern science. Those who live in colder countries has been adapted to the climate than of us living at 32 degrees temperature.
  • One more thing that supports the fact that we are evolving is the LACTASE PERSISTENCE, a mutation that appeared in Europe and about 10,000 years ago and in Africa as well. Most mammals cannot drink milk past infancy. Yes, we were lactose intolerant (after infancy) before this mutation started and our genes turned to lactase persistence.

types of humans

In most of my writings, I always ask my readers to keep imagining and the imagination will lead to curiosity and that’s where the questions occur. Without questions occurring we will never and we would never have evolved from the first place.

One of my favorite scientists said,

“It surprises me how disinterested we are today about things like physics, space, the universe and philosophy of our existence, our purpose, our final destination. It’s a crazy world out there. Be curious.” ― Stephen Hawking

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Sahan chandraratne
Sahan chandraratne
2 years ago

Nice observation…
Well suggest you to look at all animal species and re do this rather than focusing on few obvious selection… You may see beyond…
Plus kinda proud of the thought pattern.. Very rare..