Live Up To Your Full Potential – This Is All You Need


Every morning when you open your eyes and know its time to start your day, even without your mind or body knowing, you get up dress up and on your way to work.

Growing up non of us were showed how to do a proper breakfast routine, let alone a proper shower session before we ran off to school bus. Our parents were this way and so are we.

Here’s the thing. Have you ever tried to live up to your full potential on a daily basis? Have you taken your time to do the daily tasks? Did you know that if you really did, 24 hours is not even enough to live off a day?

girl chilling

Just try for one day and see where it takes you

Waking up, in the morning, is hard! I understand because I have struggled for the same. But once you make up your mind and what is to come after waking up is the real deal.

Most of us wake up in the morning to an alarm, a time fixed the night before. Calculating the time to have a shower and dress up, to leave home and to reach work on time.

Having set the alarm, procrastinate for 30 minutes, fight demons inside the head for another good 20 minutes; desperately trying not to go and eat the pudding in the fridge and mental breakdown for another fine 10 minutes by remembering what happened 6 years ago at a train station when you accidentally farted out loud on the platform and there was a cute man behind whom you have had your eyes on for while and you fall asleep.

What if we wake up very early in the morning, crawl out of bed slowly, peacefully. There is nothing to rush for. It’s my own time, my own life. I have 3 – 4 hours to do anything before I have to leave this house.

Make a cup of coffee, feed your pets, put some slow music, look out the window and look how peaceful it is. Inhale the breeze, put on your shoes, walk a mile just to appreciate the silent peaceful neighborhood that you live in. Very rarely people see this part of the day.

Do not program yourself to this routine everyday. Instead, read a book, watch a morning show, make a healthy breakfast, or have a steam bath. There is as many of it if you really want to live up to it. Each day a different approach to life.

Every morning, when you rush to work, having no time for you because you woke up to programmed time, you will either be late to work, or depressed. Maybe both.

Because you guess the time for yourself. What about the traffic? What about feeding the pet? You never though about the petrol pump queue? What about ironing clothes? What if the usual road to work is closed for maintenance?

Stuck in traffic we tend to curse the public transport drivers and fellow vehicles. Forgot to feed the pet and you feel guilty and now can’t wait to rush home after work. Need to fill up the tank but damn “where the F all these people going so early in the morning, I’m late!” Honk Honk!

And you arrive at work cursing all the people but you!

You have enough time to figure out yourself before leaving home. A fresh walk in the morning, you might probably as well find out if there’s a road closure today, or you could just fill up that tank while going for a drive.

Leave home in peace, pets fed, your ego fed, nicely ironed clothes, perfect shining hair, matching shoes and bags, tanks full (both vehicle and self), avoid the closed roads, and take the easy way out. Arrive at work fresh, happy, peaceful, guilt-free, early and ready to kick off the day with confidence.

Now you are living your life while making money to live your life.

happy girl walk to work

“I can’t wait to go home so that I can sit and do nothing again” our programmed self thinks that the day is pretty much over and you have already given up the rest 8 and half hours of the day thinking this is it. Because we are programmed to a rat race that makes us only see the importance of doing one large work per day is the end of it and you deserve to celebrate after that. Because you ain’t getting paid after 5.30 pm so you need to rest and be dramatic about working all day.

Your real life starts after 5.30 PM!

Instead of trying to rush home, have coffee with a friend. Meet an old gang and share a snack or go to the market and buy some fresh veggies. Stop to see the new park opened a few weeks ago, have dinner outside with family or go pet shopping. Stop by the library and see what’s new or enjoy a nice seaside drive alone before going home.

Or go home, make a cup of tea, install the new game you bought ages ago but didn’t have time and play one or two rounds. Bake for the souls urge, read books, go for a walk, jog or gym. Take a slow shower, rinse off the day slowly and sing Britney spears on top of your lungs. Watch a movie, do a sketch, write a song, play the guitar, fold those clothes instead of washing them again, or call a long lost friend and cleanse your soul.

Do some gardening if you have space, make waffles, and don’t dare tell me you don’t have time because there is nobody telling you to do all these as a time table.

Not every day nobody tells you to keep doing the same thing everyday. You spend your whole day earning money to live this life.

It is true that we didn’t choose this life. But everyday we have a choice, a new approach to life and we get to choose how to live our life the way we want. And the only person who is stopping you from doing you is non other than your own self.

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Santa K
Santa K
2 years ago

Compete with your self, evaluate at the end of the day, and grade it. Do you really feel happy and achieved then you are success for the day. If you are crazy on been victorious, triumphant then have a lot of those happy days. You are on the up and up.