Life on A Tiny Spec of Light – Earthlings and Empathy


People say, there is good in everything if you monitor closely.

If you had asked me to agree on this 3 years ago I would have said “bulls**it”. Where the good at being depressed? I wanna see the good at wanting to kill yourself, and Where can I find the good at losing everything but what you can only do is watch?

There is a greater truth to ourselves, our religions our beliefs and our universe and all I had to do was walk through a storm to figure it out. Walking through a storm, isn’t as easy as how I elaborated it. But when the storm is over, nobody is the same person who walked in. Either you get lost and never make it out alive or, you are someone not even a storm can bend.

Have you ever wondered why your life turned out to be this way? Why am I being tested again and again? What am I supposed to do to have a normal stress free happy life? When am I going to be happy? How can I find my way?

When you encounter such a questioning phase of your life again, i want you to do this, from the very bottom of your heart.

Close your eyes! And travel from your mind.

Slowly as if you are on-board a spacecraft. Looking out the window as you are leaving the earth’s atmosphere, slowly your lands becoming a map, then the great oceans in blue you can’t even figure which one it is anymore, then you start to see it all in one, a circle of water, greens, clouds and maybe a little bit of snow on the Himalayas.

Eyes still closed, imagine you are in outer space, looking at earth disappearing slowly now looking like a baseball, becoming a green pea, a spec of rock and finally a bright light as if you are looking at a star from your home window on a dark clear night.

girl looking at moon

That’s it. That is all there to it. All your problems, wars, night clubs, cheating boyfriend, unfaithful family members, disrespectful neighbors, your enemies, your best friends, your cat who’s refusing to take a bath, and your favorite pork dish which used to be playing around in the field before it was cooked. Everything is there, in that tiny spec of light you see now.

Now what? Can they escape it? Can you throw your enemies out of it? Can your unfaithful boyfriend jump out of it and end things? Can I leave because I don’t like you being on the same tiny spec as me because you are a racist? Can you divide the spec in half and give the other half to those who do not believe in your philosopher who you worship?

And most importantly, can you even see an elephant or a damn son of a b*tch who takes on your nerves every damn second of your day? Or your dead uncle who made you leave your boyfriend and marry Bala from Jamaica because he has money? Do you see the colors of each race, religion, and countries separately which we are fighting to acquire as our own land and call it home?

Can you see anyone from that tiny spec who gives a damn about your death after 100 days? If you are Einstein then yes people remember him still because he found out some important stuff which we were forced to learn while growing up no offense sir! The greatest!

And then we forget about all of those teachings because “I’m following this philosopher who my family assigned me to follow, whom I may have never seen or heard in my life or in my parents’ lives or my great grandparents for the record but it’s okay I read about them from the books of the people who saw him”

My point is, become Einstein if you can and if you wanna be remembered and if not become a porcupine or whatever and live your 70 years on that tiny spec of light to the fullest because you ain’t going nowhere no matter how hard you try.

Look Close…

There are no born enemies. It’s us! We, humans, created unwanted barriers and classes so that those who went against them became enemies.

Unfaithful is unsatisfied. Find out your own faults in your relationship and fix them. Help them see the light.

The only race we knew as children were the 100m race at sports meet events. Did you decide not to participate in the race because there is a black kid in the team? What happened when we grew older? If you made your own choice to be friends with the Hindu kid at school why now letting your religion or family make those choices for you?

When you want a bypass surgery do you go to the temple? When you need a kidney do you check the race or religion? I mean, When you were standing under the hot sun in the school morning ceremony and uttered every word out of memory of each religious prayer did you think you need a separate space from them in the future?

multiracial group

People take on your nerves because you let them. Eric from finance keeps on bothering you to solve the payment issues of your customer. Darling, he’s doing a job at the same company as you do and he’s pressured from his higher-ups about his performance and he needs money for his sick wife. So do you, to feed your cat or so what?

There are no low needs or high needs. If we understand each other and support each other. only if the world was so beautiful.

According to some philosophers we aren’t born again. So why do we need to bomb Uzbekistan and make it our home? We ain’t even returning to this planet again.

Some say we are born again but not the same place. So I bomb Uganda this life and make it my home after going through hell with war and half of my life on earth fighting for it and dang son I was born in America the next. Sh*t! Now I have to make America great again!

And now remind me why you are depressed? Because you have to make it out of this alive?

happy girl

Having to go to work every day is boring. But is it worth killing yourself? What if you are born in North Korea next life and “f*ck, I wanna go to work every day in Australia it’s fine, as long as I don’t have to get shot with a missile on one of my days traveling to work”

Just do yourself a favor and close your eyes whenever you are at a turning point of your life, and travel out of this plant using your mind and watch the planet far away from space.

And QUESTION, Is what I’m about to SAY or DO or DECIDE right now, going to be of any worth after all? Will it make any changes inside this tiny spec of light. If it does choose it and help change peoples lives. And if it doesn’t then focus your energy towards where you wanna be in life and move on. Its all in your hands fellow earthlings. you have the power to change your reality.


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