Karma is Real – You Just Have To Pitch In


This whole universe and the fact that we live in a deep gravity well, rotating around a huge fireball, that brings us days, nights and seasons,

“Everything is energy and that’s all there to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy this is science”

-Darryl Anka


Our Consciousness has no religion, no race, no gender, no color, nor name. It is simply our conscience. It is the body that has all these things. We get labeled as soon as we exit the womb.

Dimensions are not locations. They are rather invincible frequencies that vibrate at certain layers. Like radio channels. We have to channel the correct frequency to catch what we need.

When taken universally, each of these dimensions are located one above the other. Like a simulation game that has levels. In each level, there is a better reality, better options, better powers that we can access and finally the freedom or the end.

In each layer there exists a clear version to our questions, a clearer reality of things, a greater level of wisdom and power. In each dimension, there is a better opportunity for ourselves to create our own reality.

universe language

The space around us is full of invisible matter, frequencies and energy. It’s packed. Our thoughts and actions which comes out as energy and frequencies take up this space and surround us.

When our consciousness vibrates at lower frequencies, the negative energy we send out, the hatred the anger the jealousy the ego will come right back at us. It’s the law of karma. We attract negative energies by sending out negative energy signals.

But if our consciousness vibrate at a higher frequency, the grip loosens and freedom is experienced. The love we send out, the kindness the happiness, will surround us as energy and we will keep attracting all the love we deserve, the kindness we share and the happiness we always wanted. Once we start to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies it is possible to be completely free of karma.

To bring your vibration to a higher level, you need to bring your consciousness to a higher level.

And To bring your consciousness to a higher level you need to focus on your consciousness, which can be done by mediation.


Therefore, always be mindful of what type of energy you bring in to existence because although we cannot see it, we get surrounded by it. And we attract what we manifest.

After all, God is not punishing you with karma or blessing you with karma.

It’s the universe that responds to the vibrational energy that you are sending out.

Be careful of what you manifest into this world even by thought because the danger of reflecting what you manifest only falls upon your self.

Be brave, Be kind and most importantly, Spread love!

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