The Cranky Looking Girl Sniffing Books at Book Stores


Find a girl who loves to read. a girl who has a list of books she needs to read. Find a girl who thinks that reading is a fun hobby.

Date that weirdo who loves the smell of old books. A girl who can’t resist libraries. The cranky looking girl who is sniffing books at book shops and smiling for no reason. Find the women that can live hours and hours looking around books and dreaming of a fantasy world. Date a girl that chooses books over luxury it may save the day.


Bring her books. It’s her birthday, anniversary, favorite holiday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentine it doesn’t matter. She won’t even remember the occasion after seeing the books. Ask her questions about “Anne of green gables”. Ask her if she likes “Zoe”. Encourage her when she says she loves “Hawkins” over twilight because she trying to show that she’s intelligent.

Don’t underestimate her over her reading abilities because she is ready to create her world a little like her favorite book but she also understands the reality over creativity.

She will make impossible comments about life in embarrassing situations but blame the books. She’s only trying to be smart. Most importantly date a girl who reads because she will know what is what when it’s needed.

If you fail her she knows how to get up and make you stand too. Because a girl who reads knows there are villains to the story and she knows exactly when to fight back. A girl who reads knows that failure always leads to the best of a self and she knows if one way doesn’t work out we can always create a sequel for how we need it to end. Her imagination is running wild she has the answer to your question even before you start to think of a solution.

Find a girl who reads because if you lie to her or break her heart she will know that you had to. She will understand the circumstances of how you feel and try to fix you up before judging you into a dog. And she will be proud of herself for changing the world of women by trying to turn things around.

Find a girl who reads because she knows that the person at the beginning of “a walk to remember” is not the same person when the story ends. She knows that characters develop, change and evolve during life and it all depends on the way we treat it.

Get a girl who reads because your only worry about her will be the time that she finish reading all the books at home so you need to bring new books. Or the storage space running out and you know if you even move a book from a shelf you are dead meat the next minute.

Keep that girl close to your heart and she will forever warm your soul with her vast imaginations and the mental adventures she’s been through from books to books. She will be your personal guide in life when you need a hand in decision making and solving unrealistic problems.

One day you will smile while watching her introduce your kids to Simba or Aslan and by the time you will realize that you now need a bigger house not for the extended family but for the new books to come home after she teaches her kids about Rapunzel. You will have kids with strange names and weirder questions running around the house and you will fall in love again.

mother reads to a baby

She will write the stories of your lives the braveness and funny side of living with someone who farts under the bed sheets in the middle of the night. You will have pets named after Alice in Wonderland and you will have neighbors nicknamed moody Margaret and tin man is the name of your garbage collector.

A girl who reads is a keeper for so many reasons because her unrealistic imagination will keep you alive in many strange phases of life and finally,

old couple

One day she will tell you how you both gonna be stardust soon from the book she read about life and science and you will have no choice but to let her believe because you both are old now and you cannot risk losing any more teeth by going against her.

And if you want a better version of this same story, date a girl who writes.

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