Do you Remember Your Childhood? Here Is Mine


It’s a new decade. I no longer understand where the time goes. except scientifically yes there’s an explanation. 25 years old, born generation Y (millennial), raised during the industrial, technological upcoming, and where the religion status started to “being atheist”

It is true, we were born and raised in an era where the earthlings were at a full speed of development, discoveries, and change and we didn’t even have time to blink through our middle years and we are systematically the last children to have had AN AMAZING childhood.

happy childhood

Where did the time go? The last thing (peaceful) that I remember is when I was in school, dancing to the morning drill was my biggest problem, eating my lunch before lunchtime was my biggest weakness that I had to overcome and my canteen debt was the biggest financial problem I had to face because my parents didn’t know I raid the canteen every day promising to pay at the end of the month. Those days, a year seems to be taking too long to complete. I remember waiting for my birthday to come, the more it got closer the slower the days become. I remember waiting for new textbooks at the end of the year so I could go home with a load of advanced books feeling proud of myself. Mostly it was the excitement of putting beautiful covers over them. The term holidays were full of mud, dirt, and disasters of our own kind. Paddy fields, water streams, backyard, and mountains. I have even jumped into spring wells beside paddy fields because I couldn’t just watch the clear blue waters and I was jealous of the little fish in them not having to do homework before the holidays end. The last peaceful years before it all started to fast forward mode and I’m furious that I’m stuck at a tilled four-walled room bathing from a shower and singing soap opera to overcome the sadness filled inside for having to leave behind such an amazing childhood.

Those mere school days I come home at 3 pm in the afternoon spending a long day at school, learning 8 subjects for 6 hours, hide and seek for 30 mins, food fight for mere 6 mins and hands up, down on knees for 20 more mins if the day goes really rough and finally the jolly good time of thug life on the school transportation back home with kids from different schools but we were a gang you know. Our biggest enemies were the other transportation s and the sudden splash of water coming from the windows by a passing fellow pirate group who just had taken ahead of us on traffic. Do you even remember the last day of the school term? Because I usually go home like a painting, walking, soaking water and colors that I had no idea mixed so well with one another. No, we didn’t get a beating. Just a rough shower with an extra hard scrub by the authorized party who wants us to become a doctor in the future but here I come home, a painting. I understand the disappointment but now you can’t kill me so.

children cricket

So at 3 pm. Where the second phase of the day starts. Our real life. Time left is eternal for the day to end. A game of cricket with the village gang. Oh, that’s a different kind of thug life. Owner of the bat and the ball lose the game? Sorry guys, no more cricket for the day because he took the items and went home, angry! So the rest of us gang up and hide anywhere literally down the drainage even so that one person can start looking for us one by one. The shock of being discovered was our biggest fear and shame. Once I climbed a bushy tree and was never discovered until my mother came looking for me with a torch and it was then I realized the others had finished the game and gone home. Sigh! I was really looking forward to being honored for this one.

For me, that was the best time of my life. Our knees were skinned, hands were scratched, and Band-Aids all over the body covering the pride of childhood the authentic lifestyle of the real-life we were meant to be living all the way until we die.

children play

But what happened? I’m stuck here with a never-ending TARGET. I finished the yearly target of 2019 on 31st December and today I have another one starting. 2020 target. Forget about blinking, I didn’t even have time to digest what I ate on 31st night let along the hangover of what we call the new year celebration to get away from all the stress the past year had given us and to hop into the new year with new beliefs and goals and dreams to make it a better year. My hopes and goals and dreams are still on internet explorer loading since 2010 how about yours?

I was sitting incommode for 23 mins trying to figure out the up and down of this mad sickness of getting paid to sit on a chair and make a business to someone who doesn’t even know what a salary increment means or maybe they just choose to ignore. And Bonus? I mean I do all the work here and of course, I deserve some extra money for not dyeing on one of those days of the peak season of business where I literally run on black tea and almonds from 9 am to 7 pm because I wrote, multitasking on my resume so that I can actually land the job but this is multi multi double penalty work here man. And they make BONUS sound like a charity.

work stress

Am I the only one who feels his way? Where did the time go? Where does it go? Straight from hiding under the bed on a lazy day to cut school, now I’m hiding inside the toilet for a few mints to get a grab of life. To breathe and tell me “only 2 more hours to go, Susan, you can do this. Let’s not eat anyone up, shall we? For the next 2 hours?” So I poop, out the devil taking me up and flush down the toilet and come out smiling the sh*t out of my face.

2 more hours and go home. YES! Like I ain’t gonna do this the next day and the next and the next until the rest of my life and going home is the only thing I look forward to in life now. WOW!

And trust me I don’t have 20 enough mins to oil my hair on a normal day after GOING HOME let along with living life. What are we? I don’t know anymore. Is it an illusion or am I still asleep on the floor on the first day of school dreaming a very bad sad dream of life to an extent that I may wanna wake up and run away and decide to never grow up?

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