Did Aliens Create the Homosapiens by Encoding Our Ape DNA?

Did aliens create the homosapiens by encoding our Ape DNA?
The RH factor is a protein found in the Rhesus Monkey blood that is directly linked to the human bloodline. The presence of RH factor from rhesus monkey blood origin, in human blood, makes the blood type positive. And the absence of it makes it negative.
When a primate is born, blood type is the most consistent characteristic that is passed down. If that is the case, where did the RH negative bloodline come from?
Today about 85% of humans are RH positive in blood. And the rest 15% are RH negative. And this mystery has puzzled scientists for years.
According to currently available data, the appearance was connected to tribal regions or clusters of early origins.
However, one theory explores the idea that Extraterrestrials engineered our ape DNA to create a special bloodline on our planet.
After years of studies under brain development, neuroscience, and evolutionary history, some scientists interpret that human DNA is made with signs of “unmistakable planning” which evolution itself cannot predict.
In addition, according to the new fossil reports, it suggests that, about 200,000 years ago, highly intelligent humans seemed to have appeared almost overnight.
Did we progress so quickly from being bipedal apes to highly advanced humans? When exactly was the first homosapien came into being science is still looking.
It is not a mystery anymore that, all most all historical artwork and ancient artifacts starting from Giza to Iraq to the lost lands of Atlantis, they all have reference otherworldly beings. Could this artwork be a result of imagination? Or reality?
Perhaps their arrival was more powerful. Perhaps we homosapiens are a result of Extraterrestrial engineering.
If we come to believe that the Rh-negative factor was introduced from an outside source, wouldn’t the missing dots start connecting?

Characteristics of Rh-negative blood type people,

  • Higher than average IQ
  • Highly intelligent
  • Sensitive vision and other senses
  • A deep love for space and the universe
  • Low body temperature
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Intuitive abilities
  • Blue, green, hazel eyes
  • Reddish hair
  • Sensitivity to heat and sunlight
  • Rh-negative blood cannot be cloned
  • Extra vertebra
However, if this theory is pushed and studied further, everything that we know today comes to be a lie including Darwin’s evolution theory to modern science story. I guess, they wouldn’t want to take a risk.
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