Depression is Just Like the Weather

Talk to me if you feel depressed.
Not really!
With recent events happening worldwide, depression is taking lives at a serious rate than usual. With our daily lifestyles gone, we now have limited resources to survive and most of us are realizing that there is more to life than their nine to five jobs. But none of us weren’t ready for this “Not keeping ourselves busy for a lock-down of a whole season”. We grew up in a rushed world and from the day we were born we were in this survival race. From school to high school to college to internships to work, get promoted buy a house a car a wife a husband, to have children to send them to school to make them doctors engineers, to get them married and gift a dowry.
And suddenly as none of us expected, we got a little break in the middle and none of us knows what to do now. We kept ourselves busy step by step to reach the next goal to the next to the next and most of the time we forgot to take care of ourselves during the race. There was no time for breaks in the original plan. The end is death by the way but still, we have to beat the neighbors, cousins, friends, relatives by being a step ahead always, before one of us dies. To continue the family legacy.
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Recently I started seeing a lot of social media posts saying, “If you feel depressed please feel free to talk to me” I honestly don’t think that is gonna help a depressed soul no offense!
Depression is an old friend of mine. It’s like a dream once you are out. You know you were there doing that, feeling sh!t and doing things to survive, to beat Satan’s callings. But you are not sure if it was really you or just a feeling. Anymore.
When people are hit with depression, loneliness is their favorite. They are not alone. They want to be alone. Because that’s where they grow. That’s where they think, that’s where they rest from the rest of the world.
Because we ruined them. One of us, or 10s of us, or 100s of us. Starting from school we bully the weak. We ignore the nerds. We talk sh!t about the employees that work hard and achieve success. We laugh at their social media posts. We reject their chat boxes. We group together to attack silly people. We hate comments on beautiful people. We take out their jobs their fame their choices.
And once it all comes down haunting, they break down. They ask, “For how long?” How much far long should I bear all these? Getting through the school itself was hard enough. And trusting the rest of the world was hard enough. And getting betrayed again and again from life, friends, family, relatives, and society? Yes, it happens to most of us and we all ask why me?
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According to my knowledge, when depression hits, a phone call cannot change their mind. Because they don’t trust us anymore. They don’t trust humanity anymore. You might talk to them for a week at the max? What are they supposed to do after that? We have our own lives too so at some point we will have to let down their call. We will have to reply late. And for them, they will see us fading away too. Little by little. Depression doesn’t end within a night or two and more than us, they will feel our change. That will break then again.
Been there done that and nobody in this world has time for a depressed soul more than a week. Because depression is a disease. It’s just like the flu, the cold, the virus you name it. It’s just like another disease that we run to the doctors to get medicine so that we can get cured soon and to continue to live. But the only problem with depression is that it plays with your mind.
Depression puts you in an emotional lockdown. When nothing in your life is going right and betrayal is everywhere and you are hated for being yourself and when nobody seems to understand what happiness means to you, you break down. With all the burdens you’ve held up, up until now, you feel like no more.
The feelings are gone, you feel calm and all you want is to rest now. To chase your heart and feel free. To take a break and figure out your life. To start over. To set things right. But as long as the mind is still playing inside your head, nothing seems to go right. You get angry you cry you beg you throw stuff you scream to your pillow. You wanna let it go. You wanna feel happy again you wanna detox yourself but every day you want to get rid of it all. From the roots.
Because the pain is real. All you need is to get rid of the pain haunting from the past and about the future. So small talk definitely isn’t going to work.

Instead, what we can really do is be nicer! From day one. Why can’t we bring up children to love everyone? Be kind to the lost people. Help whenever you can. Stay in touch with the troubled people instead of casting them away. Be kind! Be kind! Be kind people. It doesn’t cost you a single penny. Everyone is surviving, and everyone has to run this race they have not left us any other options so why don’t any of us feel the need to get together and run together so that we won’t have to mourn someone after they are dead and talk nice things about them when they are gone. It’s all in our hands not in a phone call. We can save beautiful souls all we have to do is to change ourselves from what we are taught. And finally to the awesome people out there struggling with life and wanting to end it all, please hang in there. You feel like your world is much darker and the darkness has taken over, just think that the time has come for a change, for growth from where you are at life, for making different decisions, and start chasing your heart.  Because darkness is where we grow. Just like our eyes, ears, hands legs and the precious heart is made inside the womb in pure darkness, alone, silent and painfully.


Trust me the light isn’t the one that makes you want to do better. It’s the un-comfort’ of sitting in the dark, trying to avoid the pain, is the key to pushing you to do better.

Hence my advice is don’t try to shut it off, face it, grow inside it, grow out of it, feel what your soul is asking from you, cry loud, scream, and finally spread love all over the place and



finally, surrender to it.

“If you know someone who’s depressed, please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather.

Try to understand the blackness, lethargy, hopelessness, and loneliness they’re going through. Be there for them when they come through the other side. It’s hard to be a friend to someone who’s depressed, but it is one of the kindest, noblest, and best things you will ever do.”
― Stephen Fry

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