Create Your Own Happiness with this Life hack


Wake up, slowly, peacefully. Make the bed, turn off the A/C – fan, and unwanted lights.

Drink Water!

Make a cup of tea, feed the pets, put on some slow music. Wake up for real now slowly giving away the laziness of the morning. Sit on the couch while you think ahead. Drink water!

Get up wash the cup, place it where it belongs.

Take a warm shower, rinse well, do the full beauty face routine, face wash, scrub, toner.

Once a week deep cleanses face pack, peel-off masks.

Come out of the shower fresh. NOT rushed!

Drink Water!

girl in wardrobe

Go to your room, deodorant, body spray, body lotion. Place towel on the rack. not on the bed! dress up slowly trying to match what you wear. music still playing. comfortable clothes, beautiful match, confidence booming.

Drink Water!

Groom your hair, take your time. Comb thoroughly, tie back neatly, or let loose with spray. Straighten or curls, no problem you have time.

Leave home, keys check, phone check, lights off, windows closed, wallet, money, license check.

Before leaving the work, groom yourself again. Comb hair, neat the clothes, arrange the work table to a state where your colleagues don’t assume that you are straight from hell.

Drink Water!

Arrange the next day’s important tasks to a side and store away the rest.  There is no greater feeling than seeing a fresh clean desk early morning at work. Organize your life.

Leave work. Slowly. Happy and excited just as you were this morning because now you are going to live your life, the way you want it.

Come home, take off your make up as soon as you reach home, wash your face, drink water, have a quick rinse if you aren’t planning to go out again. Get rid of work clothes, wear something comfortable.

Cook something nice, do something your soul needs. Heal yourself. Bake a cake. Invite friends over for tea.

Take a reveling shower, dance to black pink no ones watching, do a full body scrub, let that conditioner do the magic, comb through the hair while washing off so there won’t be any trouble after it dries off.

girl bath

Do your nails. Take time to paint them. Or you can have matching nails with your cat. Take time.

Sit on the couch relaxed watching a movie or do your thing. Anything that you like. Scroll through Facebook, iheart Instagram, write a funny tweet, and update your LinkedIn. Spend some time catching up with the social media world.

But Store away your electronics before you go to bed. Staring at a screen keeps you awake and drained. Fall asleep peacefully. Let your mind wander while your eyes are closed. And you won’t even notice the time you fell asleep.

Take time and feel time. We all live in a rushed world and we have a lot of things to catch up to. But you get to decide whether you are going to rush and live your life here and there or whether you are going to feel your life to the very bit while you have time.

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