2020 January Breaks The Emotional Survival After 8 Years


3rd millennium, 21st century, a new decade.
20th year of the third millennium, 20th year of the 21st century, and the 1st year of the new decade.

mayan calendar

2012 End Of The World

According to the MAYAN calendar, the world ends in 2012. But it didn’t. That is because the end of the calendar simply didn’t mean it was the end of the world. It only meat that it was the start of a new era.

There is a vast scientific explanation to it with given facts but I will not write it up here today.

Thinking back, don’t you really feel like the world actually ended in 2012? At least the material world we used to live in? The peace, sustainability, humanity. Everything is gone. Our lives started to change in a way that we weren’t ready for and the world started to turn into chaos and we got lost.

And now after 8 years of emotional survival, 2020 January was a month of breaking news.

Natural Disasters 

I am a CURIOUS MIND. My questions are different from yours. When I see a fully developed street with sky-high buildings and beautiful architecture I ask, “What have we done?” Where are the trees and animals?

I often read a lot and many of those books make me wander out of space and out of my mind. I question about the END. Not the END you thought about right now. But the end of this continuance. The END of this so-called development. Will we have flying cars or will we be extinct before that? Will the universe, NATURE endure our intelligence?


Come to think of it more often and when the great CHINESE VIRUS news broke, I felt like a part of my mind opened up about “so it’s happening”

I was on my evening walk with a friend when he shared the news and my first response to the news was, “population control”. I did not know where that came from but as of today the most affect towards climate change is THE POPULATION.

The CARBON FOOTPRINT. Human-generated greenhouse gases are a threat to ecology and biodiversity. Although recent day’s people are taking measures to lessen the effects by trying to reduce consumption and use technology to minimize the effect.

But the unsustainable human population growth can submerge those efforts. And China, recently surpassed the US to become the world’s leading Greenhouse gas emitter.

air pollution
I may be wrong but since the topic for today is not the VIRUS I’m not gonna elaborate on my point of view.

All in all and as I see it, we overdid it. Everything and now the earth needs to balance in order to survive. The earth needs to purify its sources and bring back the balance between HUMAN and NATURE in order to survive the decade.

2020 is the year of change, THE FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of human and the need to re-balance the earth will lead to

  • Wild Fires
  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunami
  • Hurricanes
  • Storms
  • Rise of sea levels
  • Diseases

Asia, the US, and the Middle East will suffer a lot from these disasters followed by the economic crisis.

2020 is the year of transformation as I see it. With all these disasters people will remember humanity and the fact that we are nearing our own destruction. Which may lead to RIOTS in world-leading countries.

It also means that we will have many scientific achievements as well. Mars, The Moon, the controversial energy hunt, the zero-energy zones.

Human Kind 

The real balance will also lead to specific changes to our systems that we have created among us. The riots and the awakening wisdom of mankind to save the habitat will lead to different chaos and choices this year don’t you think.

When you see it coming you see it coming and when NATURE is finally warning with its full effect we try our best to take the challenge. Even though it’s LATE already.

With all that’s happening around, I have a feeling of these changes in 2020 or the unfolding decade.

  • Reelection of a world power
  • Assassination attempts on powerful leaders
  • Prince Charles taking over England
  • Religion controversy, The Pope, The Roman
  • Betrayal by close associates
  • Unexpected peace treaties
  • European Union crisis
  • The financial crisis
  • Misery diseases

I am a BELIEVER but I have my facts. I am a reader and as I told at the beginning of this post that, there is a vast, MAYAN predicted scientific expiation to the natural disasters to come, I will write about it someday if we survive this 2020 crisis.

These are mere predictions and not confirmed by any source. The conclusions of current affairs and universal alignment are the lead to these predictions nothing else.

Basically it’s not THE END but a new beginning to a new decade AND THE EARTH is shifting its energies and shedding its unwanted trouble.

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